Camozzi and Audi Sport Italia

Oktober 12 2011

Camozzi announces the signing of the partnership...

To associate the Camozzi name and image with important social, cultural and sporting events is an integral part of our strategy and business ethic.

From the McLaren F1 sponsorship of the ‘90s, to the Camozzi Doubles Masters (International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament), and the Homerus Project (sailing for the blind), from the Bike racing in the Paralympic games, to the Wheelchair basketball, our marketing activities around the world have been carefully selected to reflect the values of our brand.

The quest for partners exhibiting the following characteristics: passion, quality, excellence and loyalty, resulted in the agreement of a multi-year partnership with Audi Sport Italia.

The next Superstars championship will actually feature the new RS5 car, which is currently undergoing the final test phase with the Emilio Redaelli team, and former F1 driver Gianni Morbidelli will be driving this 4-wheel drive Audi. He is the most celebrated driver in this automotive category which is experiencing growing success.

He has attained four titles, two of which were won with Audi Sport, Italy, in 2007 and 2008. During the last three races of the 2011 championship, Morbidelli clearly indicated his targets for the following year.

The Italian driver has been behind the wheel of the RS4. a car which has participated in several championships, and even though it may lack the necessary features to compete in the top positions, during the last race held at Vallelunga, we witnessed one of the most fascinating shows of the season. During the 35-minute race, which was televised internationally, the driver from Pesaro delighted the crowd with an incredible series of passing, resulting in second place.

Celebrations were in order, everyone involved with team Audi Sport, Italy, from the mechanics to management, as well as Camozzi representatives including over 30 customers, shared in the jubilation.

The Camozzi guests were able to experience the emotions in the hospitality zone, close to the pits, where drivers and mechanics prepared the cars for the two runs in the set throughout the day.

That same day sported two other major championships, which ran parallel to the Superstars championship, adopting the same race configuration (2 runs of 25-35 minutes and a flying start). These were the Ferrari Challenge and the Superstars GT, in which Audi Sport Italia has excelled, thanks to the R8, driven by Cigognani (born 1991). The 2012 schedule, still to be confirmed, will in all likelihood include the 4 races at Italian racetracks: Monza, Imola, Mugello and Vallelunga; and 4 races abroad: Donington (UK), Portimao (POR), Hungaroring (HUN) and SPA (BELGIUM). We wish our clients to enjoy a good time mixing sport and technology!

MONZA – 8th April 2012

The show has repeated at the first race of 2012 which was held on 8 April at the Monza circuit. Playing in the back row due to a technical problem that prevented to qualify during practice on Saturday, the Morbidelli RS5 after a long series of passes he crossed the line in seventh position.
In the second race, because of the rules of the category, for the allocation of starting positions requires taking into account the order of arrival of the first heat with a reversal for first seven positions, the Italian rider has been left in the front row, maintaining the second position until the last lap, when he was overtaken by three cars.

Even more than the championship at Monza Superstars competitions there were the the Ferrari Challenge and Superstars GT, creating a pleasant day which also involved many Camozzi customers, hosted by the Audi Sport Italy paddock they had the opportunity to share all the excitement of competing directly with the Camozzi staff, with the mechanics and team riders.

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